Thursday, February 3, 2011

this website always inspires me.  crazy beautiful old things and so many.  here we have stuff circa the late 18th century and early 19th.  the sailboat painting is on the inside of a wooden trunk lid.  the chandelier is late 1700s americana.  the last thing is a wedding shadow box.  the flowers are made of wax.  it's creepy in the best possible way.

i'm doing a shop update in just a bit.  some new pillows and vintage, both.  i hope you like it and see you then.


Consider the Lilies said...

I have found the most interesting things to look at and listen to from reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. It has made my 3rd day of being iced in just a little more interesting.

The Oak Leaves said...

I have such a love for handmade baskets!

The green and blackish one is great!

Katherine said...

Small world! I live in Boston and love to visit West Townsend to go antiques shopping. I've only been to this place once or twice because their stuff is mostly out of my price range. Museum quality antiques... Really amazing. There's also a huge, multi-dealer shop up the road where I've found incredible deals!