Wednesday, April 27, 2011

willy nilly crazy time

hi friends- just checking in here to let you know i'm alive and kicking and i have not forsaken you.  the thing is i've moved house and everything is a bit willy nilly for the time being.  and that's a polite way of describing it! but crazy time doesn't last forever.  at least that's what i keep telling myself.  so send some good calm vibes my way if you are reading this and you have some to spare. 

i am missing ole enhabiten and already i feel like i'm getting a little crafty rusty.  but my studio is (kind of) set up in the new little house and i'm finding most things i need to work.  i just tracked down my thimble this morning (i looked for a good hour yesterday...i'm really reliant on that thing) so hopefully i can get cracking and get the sewing machine humming.

so i want to extend a 15% discount to blog readers for the next week and blow some life into the shop and keep me on track.  just use the coupon code fifteen at checkout.



Jane Flanagan said...

You moved!? That's insane! Hope it's all going well. Hand in there.

Anne said...

Good luck with the move and settling down, one step at a time! xxx

ethanollie said...

the best news. you'll make it through just fine xo

onesilentwinter said...

i am packing right now, well no i have taken a break to be inspired and here i am. it is so crazy here too and today i get the truck and start moving our stuff. nom atter how many boxes i pack, i still find more stuff. i keep saying this too shall pass and soon i will be in a new home.

knowing that you moved and are there in yoru new home- just remonds that taht soon i will be on the other side of this move too.

now deep breath!

Susan said...

A blessing by John O'Donohue for a new home:
* * *
May this house shelter your life,
When you come in home here,
May all of the weight of the world
Fall from your shoulders.
May your heart be tranquil here,
Blessed by peace the world cannot give.
May this home be a lucky place,
Where the graces of your desires
Always find the pathway to your door.
* * *
Cheers to you & your new home!

Mandy Behrens said...

Sending you many tranquil thoughts all the way from Seattle. Its ALWAYS lovely to hear from you. xo Mandy

annekata said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're back! We've moved 4 years ago and still have stuff in boxes. I look at those and realize how many things I don't need.
Hope the move is a good one and that you settle in soon.

Jane Aston said...

Hi Liane

Miss peeking at your blog, you inspired me to start one too. Anyways
new adventures in your new home an it's spring, great time to move I say.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liane! Wow, moving is a crazy time no matter what. Every time I do it, I say I NEVER WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN! But then the getting settled part is always so much fun. I hope you're enjoying yourself and making some time to chill and enjoy the spring time, and I hope that all is well. xo

Sara said...

good to hear from you and you sound quite sane for a person in a move! keep breathing while you find things to put your hands on.

Simple Dreams said...

I haven't moved in almost 14 years so my house is full of "stuff" that I had been able to edit when in previous years we moved every couple years. I don't envy you.......but it does give you a chance rummage thru all your studio items/edit and refresh yourself with new ideas. Hope you were able to keep all your chickens. We've been doing out best to keep ours out of the flooding rains here in the Ozarks. Looking forward to pics of your new studio and home...Lisa

mayaluna said...

Moving is never easy, but it's a good opportunity for growth and change. I'm glad you found your trusty thimble. Having a favorite tool at your side makes all the difference. Sending you whatever extra peace I've got!

Lambert said...

Welcome back, willy nilliness and all.
The blog world missed your wit.
On to check out your sales! x

annamaria said...

Good luck with it all!

benddownboutique said...

wow... setting up a new studio after you have moved is tough! i hope you settle in nicely! xx