Monday, May 2, 2011

greetings from chaos.

fyi- it's really a challenge to work out of piled up boxes.  particularly if you are like me and let the contents of said boxes spill out all over and co-mingle when you are searching for something rather than put stuff away and also if you tend to pack boxes without any rational organization.  but to be fair to myself, i can't really put anything in a permanent spot because my sister's family and i are temporarily living in the same small house and nothing can have a place yet.  so anyway...

life is really cuckoo for me.

but i'm forging ahead.  because that's just what we do.  right?

above are some mediocre pictures of where i'm living.  i chalkboard painted a couple walls already.  and other formerly bright yellow walls are half painted white.  i painted around boxes and furniture.  my poor sister.  she hasn't even moved out and i'm painting around all her stuff.  to keep myself busy.  painting is an activity i can do when i can't get my mind to focus on other things.  it's automatic and rhythmic and i can even watch a million old episodes of "ghost whisperer" while i do it.  no thinking involved.

i love "ghost whisperer."  laugh if you must.  i feel no shame.

so that's the deal with my life.  what's going on with you?

oh also, i'm having a 50% off sale in my shop on some ready to ship pillows and vintage items.  here's a link to the shop section.  some things were already on sale and i reduced the prices by half again.  crazy.



Mandy Behrens said...

Love the wall colors. I can totally relate to the therapy of painting - I painted my kitchen this weekend...the third time in less than 12 months. The yellow was clashing with the caramel of the dining room. It's now perfect. Listened to George Carlin on Netflix during. Needed the funny. All my best to you during this transition. xoxo Mandy

Anonymous said...

I'm in the process of moving too, and the stress-induced headaches have already started; I'm self-medicating with a hefty dose of HGTV (Mike Holmes is my hero).
I sincerely hope your situation reaches a stable point soon!

kelly(simplyworn.etsy) said...

i hate moving...its beyond chaotic,
but reading your post made me chuckle...why wait? Paint....very
funny...sorry your the one that's
having to do the work...hang in there and glad you're back! kelly

Sara said...

aw, one of my favorite paintings of yours is over the sink already. Home sweet home.

rebecca said...

i really like the ferns in the window.

tightly closed....


abby gail said...

i love your blog, but have never commented. this is the post where i had to.
ghost whisperer is my guiltiest of all pleasures, and almost no one know about it.
thank you for making me feel less alone. hehe.