Saturday, July 23, 2011

i'm putting a new batch of antique quilt pincushions in the shop right now.  $9 each.  i also have some vintage items i plan to get into the shop by the end of the day.  pictures forthcoming.

ps- i went to the farmers' market this morning.  it was my first time this year.  i'm slowly getting back to my normal routines since moving.  eating as much in season food as i can is one of them.  i  picked up some beets, kale, fresh eggs and bread.  do you like beets?  when i was a kid we ate the canned variety often.  i can remember their distinctive metal taste as i write.  vegetables were served at dinner every night but fresh seasonal stuff wasn't given too much thought aside from sweet corn and tomatoes.  i'm so glad i have a taste for all sorts of fresh veggies.  there really isn't a one i can think of that i wouldn't eat.  and i'm still real proud of starting the farmers' market in my old hometown.  i hope you have a chance to grow your own food or buy from a local farmer.  i believe it's one of the most important choices i make.

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Anonymous said...

I've become hell bent on buying as much as we can from our local growers/farmers. In recent months I've cut our grocery bill down to less than half of what it was from the big chain store and now get all of our meat and produce between two of our farmers markets and pop ins at the co-op and farmstands as needed (we're lucky our area has quite a few of the latter)

But I'm already feeling a little nervous about how I'm going to keep it up (sourcing locally/eating well/boycotting the big man) come winter. I haven't canned anything yet but hope to muster up the confidence to try this year.

Might you have any stash-away winter food tips/recipes/ideas you could pass on at some point?