Sunday, September 11, 2011


yesterday i picked more holy basil and hung most of it to dry while filling the dehydrator with the rest.    i think i started with a dozen plants and i'm pleased with how much those plants have produced.  i'd also dried a big bunch of oregano a month ago and i jarred that up.  i should have been harvesting the calendula flowers in stages the past month as they bloomed but i've had so much going on that didn't happen.  i'm just starting now.  

also on the home front, a good friend is coming over today to put a window in the back room of my cabin.  this room is 1/2 bedroom and 1/2 enhabiten storage and work space.  it was built onto the cabin as a shed and it's very rough.  there are currently no windows and the floor is built right on the ground so the space is um, "outdoorsy".   a window is the first step toward making this room less campy and more homey.

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