Friday, September 9, 2011


do you want to hear something totally gross?

i found a dead decomposing mouse in my house the other day.  it was under the stairs in a storage space.  there were maggots involved.  gag.  TMI?  it's just that i can't shoulder the experience all by my lonesome.  i'm no baby but believe me when i tell you i am sparing you the vomity details.  sorry.  here, take this memory eraser pill and call me in the morning.

and i don't know why i sometimes have to lead with a barfy story on this blog.  and then launch into something else more pleasant particularly when it involves an internet friend who's super kind.  i've done this before.  but anyway anyway anyway...katherine sent me the vintage boots in the first picture just to be nice.  and they fit perfect and i flipping love them.  thanks katherine!  i'm scheming a return care package for you as i type.

the leather case and gooseneck lamp were recently purchased to resell but i'm feeling temporarily attached.  need to gaze upon them for a bit before i offer them in the shop.

and last night i reduced the price of my indigo pillows.  these are personal favorites and i'd love to see them find homes.  visit the shop to take a closer look.  very shortly i will start listing my new things...some pillows, some bags, some wearables, lots of hand-dyed black.  yip!



We Blog Artists said...

That is kind of gross about the mouse...but the boots are AWESOME! Great photo too!!
hugs and have a great weekend!

Sidereal Day said...

Sorry to hear about your mouse trauma, I feel for you. The nasty gross tag on the post is hilarious.
Weirdly enough I just had a mouse in my house dream last night and was relieved to wake up.
Those boots are fabulous, what a nice gift!