Monday, September 12, 2011

sunday funday

yesterday was good.

a friend came over and installed a window in my windowless bedroom.  the window was kicking around here leftover and is nothing special but the free price tag worked for me.  plus i bartered for the labor.  i got his sewing machine back up and running and patched up a few pairs of work pants.  all around very satisfying.

after the work was done we sat at the picnic table and drank mexican beer and ate potato chips.  the weather, perfect.  it was a day i needed after an intense week.  

i'm throwing the parsley and rosemary in the dehydrator shortly.  i'm trying to find something to do with fat and foot long cucumbers.  i'm patching some of my own clothes.  i very much like patches.

most things can be patched up: paint-splattered pants, windowless rooms, friendships and big-life road bumps.  even the biggest ones.  i know this.


Jane Flanagan said...

Ah! Sounds perfect. Sometimes little practical things can help with the bigger things. And enough little practical things can colour the world in a nicer shade. Big hug for you and hoping this feeling carries this week!

Nell said...

thanks for this post, especially the bit about patching up. after a serious medical diagnosis for my three year old, i needed to hear that. i'm a long time reader and have your pillows sprinkled all over the damn place. you never fail to inspire me - you're a gem.

as for those cucumbers - mash a clove of garlic and toss into a bowl, douse with red wine vinegar, a pinch of salt and chili flakes to taste. throw cucumber, cut into thick half moons into this mixture and toss. tomatoes, chickpeas, fresh mozzarella, cubed day old bread (and basil too) make great companions but this tastes plenty good on its own. olive oil drizzle optional.

Sharon @ Empanada on Etsy said...

I love the bartering, i love that you can sew, I love that you can get a macnine up and running... I love that you ate potato chips...

Sharon @Empanada