Thursday, October 27, 2011

keeping warm

it's snowing here, people!

i'm not too psyched about it but i will try to maintain a positive attitude.

i was a busy bee making cowls today.  there are a few choices in the shop tonite with more to come (blacks and silks).  all are handmade in small batches with sustainable earth-friendly materials.  the ones i added to the shop so far are made with soft organic cotton hemp jersey knit.  the indigo sky ones are happy go lucky and the greys are for all you out there with a more pensive, solemn  attitude.  you know who you are.



chibiaion said...

Wow they're all pretty. I can't get myself to choose from the this two wonder. Thanks for sharing. :D
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Genevieve said...

beautiful cowls! they look very soft, comfortable at the neck.
snow is predicted for us in PA tomorrow... bizarre!
stay warm!