Thursday, October 27, 2011


i was flailing yesterday.

what i mean to say is i was TRYING to work but nothing was working out.  

(hold on- the cat keeps meowing at the door but when i open it and she just sits there like, dude, what's your issue with opening the door??)

ok, anyway, flailing. struggling uselessly.  i kept messing up.  and i knew it was my state of mind and a vicious cycle thing.  the more i thought the day was getting away from me and the more i thought i have to be productive and pay the bills the more i flailed.

BUT, then, late in the afternoon instead of saying eff it and watching 5 episodes of "private practice" on netflix i womaned up and went outside and busted a move with the indigo pot.  

so now i have all that pretty hand-dyed hemp silk and stretch knit up there and as soon as this bleeping rain eases up and i can take some photos there will be indigo cowls and scarves in the shop.


Brittan said...

i had a similar day yesterday. i kept thinking, "what happened? where did all the time go?". i did manage to get some things accomplished, but nothing near what i had planned on. gawww, it can be so frustrating! the indigo looks beautiful, can't wait to see the final pieces.

melissa loves said...

I love it & love that you "busted a move" with the indigo pot. Gah, those scarves and cowls are going to be gorgeous. Right?! right. :)

Anne said...

oh i am such a fan of your indigo stuff, had to put it on my blog today... use your photos and all...hope that's ok!

BananaSaurusRex said...

Allright, I'm channeling you're bust a move to turn my day around right now. Ps. It's only 7:30 AM here. $#&**^4!

pps. The word verification is "scrante" which sounds exactly like my day has gone so far.

ethanollie said...

nice comeback. i'm currently in that gross, frozen state of envy and self pity. and doing nothing with my actual self. hrrrph.

on a happy note... i saw a lady in the schoolyard this morning who was sporting an enhabiten original scarf. yeehaw!

tj said...

...hee,hee,hee "Busted a move" - love that! *giggle* ;o)

...Our cats do the exact same thing, it can drive you insane if you let it. Funny thing, our house has four entry doors, yes four, and in the Winter especially the cats will come in one door then almost immediately want to go out another door. It's almost as if they think that maybe the other door will be better weather or something. :o)

...Love the indigo. Hope your day is better today too.

...Blessings :o)

nicole said...

Visibly you turned things around, cause that indigo dyeing looks divine!

erin said...

womaned up. i like this.

Scintilla said...

I love your posts, always full of good humor and punchiness! Maybe, I need something indigo?