Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i will admit to a little pinterest obsession.  i find it real satisfying to curate boards of visual inspiration.  (well, not so much curate as accumulate.)  i do go back and look at what i have accumulated periodically and i am always struck by how it all fits together to express me.

lately i've had gardening on my brain.  vegetable gardening, specifically.  i'm living in a probably temporary place right now and i'm feeling conflicted about whether to build myself a garden this season or not.  

a couple months ago i sent away for seed to grow a dyer's garden.  indigo, weld, dyer's broom, and something else i've forgotten.  but here, i'm surrounded by trees and what isn't trees is already designated as something else.  plus, it isn't really my space to decide what to do with.  

i have to head out to an appointment this morning but i have a stack of new cushions made.  i'm hoping to get them photographed and in the shop this afternoon, weather willing.


tj said...

...Love Pinterest. Great choices, am now a follower of yours. :o)

...Maybe you could do small raised beds where there is plenty of sun or just do container gardening, yes? You know what they say, "bloom where you are planted". ;o)


No Carnations said...

Liane, you should look up something called "lasagna gardening" or better yet find the used book. It is a revelation I tell you, so easy and gives so much. The best part though is that it is perfect for temporary spaces. If/when you leave, simply dismantle your layers or side frame (i used rocks found in a nearby stream) and move on. Plus I think that simply 'finding' the layers will be right up your alley. Sheena

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I "Follow" you on pinterest and I can tell your picks from other people I follow...you have a specific taste...I like it.

I hope you decide to grow a garden, even if it's small or even in containers. Even if it's a tomato plant in a pot and some lettuce in an old wash tub.

Like tj said...bloom where you are planted. I learned that lesson several years ago...I'm glad I did.

Roxana said...

I've been bitten by the Pinterest bug as well. I'll go look you up over there.

Anne said...

a garden is such a great way to put down roots, which we need don't we... even when in a temporary situation. plus what a great gift to add to a place.

i'm new at Pinterest and already a total addict too... so much amazing stuff to find and collect without cluttering! i've snooped around yours before ;)

Dane Carder said...

i really appreciate your esthetic. thanks for sharing.