Saturday, February 4, 2012

scandalous dance moves

i finally got around to putting some batting and a back onto that antique quilt top up there.  all my kids were here last night and we had a shortage of blankets so that was the motivation.  feels good.

i will be scouting for some vintage materials this weekend for a couple custom orders and hopefully going on a walk or two.  i'm thinking a woods hike would be nice.

also, i love you.  no, really!  thank you for your time and comments here.  therefore i am having a 15% off sale in the shop this weekend.  use the coupon code ENHABITENBLOG at checkout to receive the deal.  

yours in the name of peace, affection and scandalous dance moves..


The Oak Leaves said...

oh, i love the colors on that quilt! I have a couple that need some work before they are usable, as well...

Lillie said...

love all the photos, but especially the last...beautiful