Thursday, September 27, 2012

did i ever show you the chicken mushroom we found?  

me and the chicken mushroom:
i know,
i'm sideways.  
i don't really know how to use a computer...

also, i have some vintage shoes in the shop for sale:

plus i put the dyed tablecloths on sale 25% off
and the buntings are now 50% off

i'll be back here before lunch with some pictures and a link to new bracelets i've been working on!


m i l e n a said...

can you let me know how much shipping to the UK would be for the doc martens?

thank you!

Eve said...

that chicken is gorgeous! I have found two this year that were past, which was disappointing. I did find one smaller tasty one though! Now I am hunting for a hen as it has been 2 years since I have found a good one! what did you make with your chicken?