Monday, September 24, 2012

tough cat

above some details of home plus some of the new things available 
i made it to the common ground country fair this weekend up in unity, maine.  were you there?  i wanted to put the word out before i went so i could potentially meet enhabiten blog readers who were also attending.  

that not happen.

but if you were there didya have fun??

did you catch the toughcats:

and did you see the tintype tent:

what workshops did you go to?
what was your favorite part??


m i l e n a said...

that curtain is beautiful!

Nell said...

man, we love the country fair. i wish i'd known you were there - i'd have looked for you and then given you a big hug and sent you running for the hills. ha! i kid. the beekeeping classes were pretty great and i always love the farmer's market. bought a pretty handmade spoon and some dish towels from brahms mount. maine is so rad.

eva louise. said...

i was there! for five days (set up and break down) just got back! i am fond of sinking my forearms into the piles of fleece while no one's looking, and sighing over $50 skeins of yarn. i won a blue ribbon for my venison jerky and bartered a plate of homegrown peaches for a skein of handspun wool, dyed with japanese buckwheat indigo and black eyed susans. i work in the folk arts area every year, so keep an eye out for me and mine if you come next year!