Monday, September 10, 2012


weekend: i drove to boston with ethan.  and i finally picked up my bike from the old house.  it's been months since i stopped going to my yoga class and i need to move my body again.  hopefully having the bike helps.  i also tried to pick peaches but the season just ended.  good thing apple season lasts awhile.   i've already got a big bag of apples picked  but i'll go again soon.  the orchard we went to last week was just beautiful.  i'd heard a rumor that the apple crop wasn't great this year but you could've fooled me...the trees were covered in perfect fruit.


annamaria said...

Is it time for apple pie already? Yay!
I have been trying to do yoga at home with the help of the's not really working for me though. I seem to be totally undisciplined. A bike sounds good.Have fun;-)

Pennyroyal said...

I was going to make nocino this weekend - apparently I missed the green walnut season by about 3 months! Apple pie it is! Enjoy your bike. And your pie. And I like that you left the wood and the brick the way it is. It feels cozy.