Thursday, October 18, 2012

my current music addiction is jolie holland.  here she is singing that yeats poem from the previous post.
also, though i've been out of the studio a lot lately i did manage to do some indigo dyeing the other day.  some new things are in the SHOP HERE with more indigo and vespertine to come.

*from images above, the tarot cards are new and from HERE.  the items on the shelf include relic bits i found on the river bank across from my house.  there's a whole treasure trove of discards back there behind a couple historic houses.  my own private dead horse bay.

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Jennifer Finn of Imogen Lovely said...

Jolie is playing in a Siren Nation show that I'm in next month and I think 2 members from the band that my hubby is in are going on tour with her soon too-- I'll try and get you some JH loot =)

I checked out your shop yesterday and it's looking good! I like your overdyed textiles.