Sunday, November 4, 2012

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i've been working hard on some home improvement projects the past days.  i promise to show you when i'm all done but not until!

i've also been trying to keep my woodstovc humming with wood from my landlord's property.  but i'm coming up short daily and scrambling to get some help with the cutting/splitting.  luckily my mom just offered to give me her chainsaw.  this should help me be more self-sufficient in this area.

above are some lavender cushions i made today for the shop.  i also put 4 new zip pouches in there, too.


Simple Dreams said...

I like that...your Mom is going to lend you HER chainsaw. A couple years ago my son went in half with me for a new chainsaw...for me...he wanted me to buy one that I could handle before he moved out. It seems more women are comfortable with handling all the daily chores. There's a sense of satisfaction when you've cut/split and stacked your own wood then enjoy the warmth. I keep the furnace turned down when I'm gone and I go straight home from work to get my fireplace started then I can settle in for the evening, sewing and enjoying the fruits of my labor. The neighbors have even cut down trees for me to cut up. It does bring comfort to know you can provide for yourself even if it's only enough wood for the day. Good for you enjoy the warmth....Lisa

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