Friday, October 26, 2012

i'm looking forward to this weekend.  highlights: a visit with my daughter and a visit to an art museum.  i want to enjoy this warm weather we're having before the storm which is all the news here and heading our way early next week. 

i finally started a big project this afternoon which i've been putting off- scrubbing, priming and painting all the dang woodwork in this little house.  you know how when you start a project like this and get up close and personal with your environment you notice things you usually pretend don't exist such as a super scummy kitchen stove and hood/fan?  i'll clean it as well as i can and remind myself i'm just renting anyway.

on a positive note, about an hour ago as i scrubbed i had a bright idea for a perplexing decor issue.  i have one wall of wood i don't really want to paint but it's currently stained a pukey orange/red color...can't i just stain over it with grey/black stain?  please advise.

also, i put a few new things in the shop HERE and added new stuff to the sale section as well as further lowering some of the prices on already discounted stuff HERE.

happy weekend babies.


sheila said...

i LOVE that picture of you, lady. i LURVE it. i luff it. omg that bedspread. so amazing. i cry. have a lovely weekend. i think i've made my first new friend in this new city. and we are to go for coffee tomorrow. i'm kind of nervous and excited. a sweet lady from down the street who gave me organic tomatoes from her garden as a welcome gift a week after we moved here. so then i gave her some of my homemade peach freezer jam. sending you friendship coffee vibes with my brain through the internets. well, have a good one!

jodi said...

you are cute, and i love that old mirror.

about the stain, here's the deal - if the old stain doesn't have any sort of finish to it, like a smooth or shiny appearance to the surface - you should be okay just staining right over it. if it does have a finish to it, it won't absorb the new stain... which means you'll have to strip or sand it first. make sense? you can always try a bit somewhere not too obvious to see if it seems okay before doing the whole thing. good luck!

Brittany said...

you look like a 20's film babe. :)

Maura said...

I like to use Old Masters Wiping Stain over existing finishes. It dries really fast and has a nice sheen without being shiny. My go to shade is Spanish Oak, sort of a dark coffee black. Good luck with your project.