Friday, January 18, 2013

chevron and sunrise

hey ho.

as i've mentioned, i'm happy to be expanding enhabiten this year.  you'll be able to find all the organic, sustainable, handmade, hand-dyed and vintage textiles but we'll also have wood, leather and metal.  

the raw materials are always the inspiration and starting point for enhabiten goods and i'm super excited about expanding the horizon with new material to work with in 2013.

i've put these wood pieces in the shop this morning!

they are made entirely with found and salvage: wood, metal, leather.  i hope you like them!  


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

These are so COOL. They look great displayed on the old building.

BlackStar said...

Very cool! Great addition to your beautiful shop.

Peyton said...

These are so lovely, Liane! I added one to my favorites as soon as I saw them!

Jennifer Finn of Imogen Lovely said...

Those are beautiful, Liane!

Suzanna Scott said...

These are really wonderful Liane!! So great to see you adding fresh, tactile materials like wood to your repertoire.

Diana Sudyka said...

LOVE! So exciting to see this new direction, but so very much your aesthetic.