Monday, February 11, 2013


this weekend:
we got 2 feet of snow and when i opened my front door saturday morning i laughed.  and i took a picture.  i baked bread.  i squeezed citrus and mixed all these kinds of fruit together into a big pulpy glass of yummy juice.  and we watched obselidia.
today i'm working on upholstering a couple thrifted stools to put in the shop.  i already took a blow torch to the wooden bases of said stools to give them a crispy black surface.  very satisfying!


Danielle P. said...

I love everything about this post, but especially your beautiful loaf of bread... That movie looks very intriguing!

annamaria said...

A good day definitely!!

Anonymous said...

wow- that bread is beautiful! i'd love to try it if you feel like sharing the recipe- and your post is - as always- a treat for the eyes.