Thursday, March 7, 2013

the skin of my hand

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i started playing a little writing game with friends this past weekend and i've been continuing it this week.  it's real simple and maybe you've tried it.  each person in a group thinks of a word (or 2 or 3) and everyone writes a bit incorporating all the words.   

i've been meaning to do some creative writing, you can probably tell from my blog that i love poetry, but until this weekend i was dragging my feet getting started.  having people to do it with gives me the nudge i need.  

here are the last 2 bits by first, a friend, and second by myself:

 fibers worn bare

   a continental drift 
   in the palm of a hand 
             radish seeds 
   all spilled out 
    on the stone walk 
    tripping around them 
       in a dance 
    tango revisited
    all out of breath


i should spare you the skin of my hand

though the seeds scatter.

as if yellow was the color of our breath
as if dancing was not it's own drift
as if the fibers would hold it all in.
we aren't taking a lot of time to do perfectionism is not a part of this activity.  it's meant to be fun and good exercise for your creative brain.  do you want to do a little writing with me?  i will give you some words to use here: bandit, bodies, bee sting, liar.

and if you want to, in the comments give me some words and i'll share what i come up with!


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing this intriguing tip - very fond of your effort here;light, evocative and shadowy. I've been enjoying your winter views and cozy inner sanctum ... good seasonal medicine for those of us in sunny California!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I love what you and your friend came up with...and that it's not perfect...I think that's what makes it so interesting...beautiful and raw.

So how does it work? I am a bit timid to try it this time but...

If I were to try it do I write the whole thing using the words you gave...or one word and you use another word and so on?

. said...

one of my absolutely favorite things to do. love the poems you post. back in my MFA days I would read poetry to get inspired to write my stories. something about just working with the words.

so here are some:
knees, fall over

m.e.w. said...

very beautiful and inspiring. thanks for sharing.

Liane said...

hi michelle,
i'd love it if you tried! use all the words i suggested or only some...whatever you're inspired to do. and then please come back here and share what you wrote if you would!

dirtbike said...

wrap our bodies
a bandage of a bee sting of a fight

over and under
like a bandit of a bite

our bodies
the liar

our bodies
the fight

our bodies
the liar

our bodies
the night