Monday, May 27, 2013

satisfying work, sadness and joy

good morning!
happy memorial day, folks.

it's a holiday but my shop has been closed long enough and it's time to stock it with the new things i've been working on.  first up, these soft organic cotton hemp light weight jersey scarves made in small batches with natural and foraged dye materials.  i've saved some for myself and i've been wearing them a lot on cooler days and in the evening.  i love the light weight and i'm sure i'll be wearing them all spring and summer.  these are a bit longer and wider than some of my previous infinity scarves.  i wrap them around 3 times and i think i've finally gotten the width and length just right.  there are 3 greys (because i love each shade and they wear well with any outfit) and a new mustard color.
here's the SHOP LINK
also, on a personal note, you know from the previous posts there has been great sadness in my life.  thank you all for the kind messages and emails about michael.  he will always remain in my heart.  but as life goes, there has also been great joy.  my oldest child, ethan, my boy and my kindred creative, just graduated from art school.  he's a painter and a farmer and a man with a full and kind heart.  i love him and i'm so proud to know him.



Geninne said...

Congratulations to Ethan! You can tell from his generous smile that he's a kind soul. That bottom photo just warmed my heart <3

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

And he's also a wonderful painter, as evidenced by the mural he painted on the barn. Congrats to you both, Liane, and my deep condolences for your loss.

Anne said...

Dear Liane, i am so sorry for the sadness and the loss in your life...
Congratulations to Ethan, both of you look so beautiful.
And well done for winning the spoon on Brooklyn to West ;)