Saturday, December 12, 2009

ewa i walla

I am seriously dying over the issue of selvedge i just got in the mail. dy-ing. i die. there's ewa i walla and j. morgan puett. don't even get me started on j. morgan puett. that will have to be a full post for next week. but i'm afraid to read this issue because i don't want it to be over.
so i'm doing a pre-read blog post. even though i already have a mega awesome post on howard jones waiting in the wings. i know. this is serious business.

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Anonymous said...

Hya Anna here from Holland I found your blog through google.
Puett is one of the best pure and simple. Since I live in Holland I can only buy form Ebay and so on.
But the pieces I have Are much beloved I think so much designers including Ewa I Walla are somehow linked to the Puett feeling

Love from Anna