Wednesday, October 12, 2011

when i go for walks i most love the smell of wild concord grapes soft and browning and falling from the vine at the end of the season.  out walking, i also gathered some oak galls and acorns and sumac.  did you know you can dye with all those things?

i made some things with fall colored boiled wools and dyed hemp and tossed them right into the shop.

ps- i loved LOVED all your responses to my bad dream post.  let us hope we all have sweet dreams tonite.


Libby said...

I just have to let you know - you're my favorite! Such an inspiration... from your lifestyle and career choice, to your humor and good advice. I'd love to one day sit down and chat about life.
Thanks for keepin' it real!

Lambert said...

Are you getting all melancholic and Autumn-ish on us?
Ripe grapes, falling leaves and crushed acorns ...
Seriously? What's next?
The sad dance of the grouse on the windy heath, the nostalgic sound of the spoon falling into the elderberry jelly jar? Kale?
You know I say all this with love, right? ... xxx