Friday, November 16, 2012


here's a little peek at the work i've done so far here at our new place.  the details: i'm staining the large woodwork wall black using a minwax color called "ebony".  i'm 2 coats in and i think i need just one more to get the color i'm looking for.  the rest of the woodwork which includes the wainscoting i painted a benjamin moore color called "flowering herbs".  here's a LINK to a few pictures of the place before i started.  just wanted to share that.


i started a bit of a holiday sale in the shop.  the indigo chenille spread above is reduced $75 and you can find it HERE.  i also dropped the price of the vintage beaded bracelets to $15 each and the last of a batch of grey fleece cowls is on sale for $25.
feel the love, babies.


april said...

that wood stain looks so SO nice!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

It looks amazing. You have good vision...icaor

Ursula Dean said...

the stain looks great, i love dark wood. don't forget to put the rags in a plastic bag and OUTside in like an ash can. combustible but then you probably knew that.

rebecca said...

what a lot of work!! why was i expecting to see a white painted wall of wood? the dark wood looks amazing!

m.e.w. said...

I love the gray. It's very verspertine. Looks perfect with the light mossy green. You were right to paint it.