Thursday, November 15, 2012

new indigo in the shop this morning
i'm dyeing some hemp canvas today along the way to becoming black fabric.  it's a process which takes several days and several dye baths and several plant and mineral materials to come about.  
i'm also pondering the heating situation here where i live.  the woodstove is too small to heat even the 2 rooms we live in.  and the size requires me to wake up a few times a night to add more wood which isn't fun.  part of the problem is also the fact that the place is poorly insulated so i may be able to rectify that a bit before winter really sets in.  there is an alternate heat source of a propane fueled unit but i don't like using it for multiple reasons.  so anyway, i ponder.  

and i did do some solid work here recently, aesthetically speaking,  and i will share some pictures soon but i'm needing to focus on work and other projects before..


rebecca said...

:) you know we're all excited to see the changes, but getting the work/making/projects done is a respectable priority. i will admit to being excited to see what's happened, though.

Oliveark said...

Can you get peat where you are? That's what we put on the stove to keep it going until morning. Also turn down all the air intakes. Need to have a carbon monoxide monitor if you do this - anything that smolders is not safe to be shut in with. Btw I'm your Chinese lantern buyer from a while back :)