Friday, January 11, 2013

i have plans to incorporate wood and metal into my shop this year and that first picture up there is a little peek at a new offering at shop enhabiten.  salvaged wood art/wall pieces will be added early next week.  i can't wait!

and some new cushions and a change/card purse are available now in the shop.

also, thank you so much, friends, for the comments and emails regarding my sore elbow!  i appreciate the thoughts and the suggestions for healing.  there's kindness out there.  that makes me happy.



Jane Aston said...

I felt a bit naughty calling you 'mad in a good way'. I think I was caught up the moment and forgetting in real life I don't know you too well at all. I think we creative folk are destined for a sort of madness. I think it rather inspiring, sort of breaking out of the mould. Otherwise I think I really would lose it. I'm happy you embraced the notion... My husband has just discovered I never brush my hair, ever. He thinks it's a sign of eccentricity and then he starts to notice what I am actually wearing. Oh dear!

Amy said...

I quite look forward to your new wood and metal work. I'm sure it will be lovely.

I love the concept mentioned in your interview recently about the future not being a better iteration of the present. Incredibly freeing, really. I am embracing this thought each and every day. Now is what matters, and it is good.