Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the green ceiling

through the circuitous route of the design blog web here's a pretty thing for this morning. found via katy who found it via traci and it's a picture taken by this lassie.
and i'm gonna come up with something good for later. write something sensational. take a picture MYSELF.
oh, here's something...i had a dream last night that i was walking down the road past a house i grew up in (there were many but this one was the last during my teen years till i left home) and i decided to go inside. i was with another girl, a friend who is faceless and nameless now and who i think was one of those weird amalgams of many know how that happens in dreams. no one is home at the house but i go in anyway. i don't do much inside but know the whole time i shouldn't be there. it's neat with stacked wood, the dishes are done. yah. these are the things i note in my dream. what's my preoccupation? so we are leaving and as we open the door the owners pull up. i try to come up with a good reason why we are there. i try to charm them like a snake charmer till i can duck and run. they just look at me weird.
that's it. kind of a boring dream after all. jeez. sorry.
and lastly, i made key lime squares last night and they are seductive little things. i just ate spoonfuls for breakfast. because, you know, eating with the spoon out of the pan is not like actually having dessert for breakfast. am i right?


TheFancyLamb said...

Your dream is very intriguing...wonder what it means?!?!?

katy elliott said...

Isn't that ceiling lovely?