Sunday, December 20, 2009

rambling with pretty

My aforementioned best friend Jenny grew up in Minnesota. I met her my sophomore year of college in 1987. She turned me on to Greg Brown. And then I had a long love affair with Greg Brown. In my head. Which you may find funny. He's a big guy, he wears muscle-like t's and funny hats and old men's blazers. His voice is an acquired taste. There was a decade where I went to see a show of his every year. But I'm not going to make you watch a Greg Brown video on you tube. I'm going to give you this link to a song of his sung by his three daughters named Pieta, Zoe and Constie. It's about his Grandmother. I think it's a beautiful version with sweet harmonies. You can find it on an album which was made as a tribute to Greg called Going Driftless.

The End.


jeanbean said...

Liane-I was pleasantly surprised to see Greg Brown on your blog. He is also a favorite of mine. He used to come to my town in Minnesota every other year until about 5 years ago. His daughter Pieta has performed here too. I would love to visit his farm in Iowa where he also has his recording studio. I think you must be my long lost twin. (Except I'm probably 20 years older than you.)

elenamdixon said...

You had me at T Rex - then I looked at your other musical faves - then I looked at your tacky Christmas decor post - pretty sure we're separated at birth! Oh, wait, another commenter sorta already said that - must be a Gemini thing - Glad to meet you and your blog.